Crime, Culture and Social Harm Conference 2017

Crime, Culture and Social Harm Conference

York St. John University: Friday 14th July 2017, 9am-5pm

Keynote Speakers: Professor Eamonn Carrabine (Essex); Dr. Oliver Smith (Plymouth)



Call for papers

Over the years there have been numerous attempts to move criminology from an enquiry into legally-defined crimes to a broader examination of social harms and cultural understandings of criminalisation, mediatisation and motivation; some go as far to suggest that criminology has not adequately addressed the popular truism that legal conceptions of ‘crime’ are determined by powerful political, cultural and economic forces.

In light of such considerations, this one-day conference focuses on practices and behaviours which may not necessarily be illegal, but can be seen as inflicting harm on humans as well as their social and natural environments. This conference seeks to develop a forum for early career criminologists and sociologists alike, who concern themselves with critical issues in ‘zemiology’ and the cultural processes which legitimate and give meaning to harmful dynamics in politics, culture, economics and the law.

We encourage early career and PhD researchers to this conference with the aim of developing a long-lasting network of scholars who deal with, amongst other things, these wider themes:

  • Gender and Power
  • Race, Ethnicity and Violence
  • Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion
  • Environmental and Green Crime
  • War, State Violence and Crimes against Humanity
  • Debt Industries and Consumer Culture
  • Financial Industries and Economic Instability
  • Organised Crime and Illicit Markets
  • Crime and Deviance Online

Submission of abstracts

Abstracts of 250 words must be submitted alongside a 100 word biography to

There will also be space outside the conference hall for poster presentations. Submissions require a title and abstract of no more than 100 words, along with full author information. Please submit posters to the email address above.

The deadline for submission of either the call for papers or posters is Friday 31st March 2017.

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