Institute of Cultural Affairs, Spain, supports social entrepreneurs with crowdfunding campaign

By | June 4, 2015


GeteoWithin the framework of York St John-led Erasmus Mundus project about the social and solidarity economy, the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Spain, has started on a crowdfunding campaign through the Spanish solidarity platform ‘GOTEO’

The campaign is aiming to create and unite a network of SUPER COMMUNITY ENTREPRENEURS, starting with 5 who come from Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Finland. They have demonstrated their commitment and action in developing successful experiences and good practices in social and solidarity economy: an economic model which puts people and the environment before the accumulation of money and which works to reduce social inequality, create secure employment and social marginalisation.

The meeting place and launch of the network will be during the international conference ‘Universities developing social entrepreneurship’, held from 1-3 Sept in York, United Kingdom.

We believe it is important for them to be present at the conference so that their achievements and good practices can be made known. In addition they will work on a joint strategy to share their practices, both academic and in the field.

The call to action is to collaborate, using the crowdfunding platform, Goteo, and so they can participate in the conference and give their direct testimonies as super community entrepreneurs.

With these funds, we can buy their travel tickets and accommodation, which will enable them to participate in the conference.