Science Fiction for Survival

Science Fiction for Survival


We invite you, firstly, to select a favourite science fictional text – a short story, novel, graphic novel, poem, film or TV episode. In making your selection, perhaps start by drawing on a particularly memorable fictional moment—for example, my own favourite scenes from sf include the passage in which Frankenstein’s creature revises his view of humanity after being struck ‘violently with a stick’; when Roy Batty in Blade Runner tells of the moments that will be ‘lost in time’; and when the Christmas lights go crazy in Joyce Byer’s living room in Stranger Things.  When you have settled on a particular work, we suggest that you then ‘clear the decks’, which is to say, turn the sound off on your phone, close your email, and shut out the world while you level your concentration on the following question:

What important idea does the text address that will be crucial for those who are preparing to move off-world to consider?

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