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You may not be a fan of science fiction, but you can still contribute to Terra Two. Is there a particular book—fictional or non-fictional—which has had a profound effect on your thinking?  Would you like to ensure that the perspective this writer offers will not be lost, but instead, will be carried forward into the future as human beings migrate to the stars?  If so, please work to sum up the key idea as clearly as you can, perhaps drawing on useful quotations from the text, relevant secondary sources, and your own perception of why the writer’s point of view is so valuable. Word count 500-1000 words.  If you prefer, you can record your reflections in a podcast (maximum five minutes).


Contributions to Ship’s Archive

On Neuromancer by William Gibson, by Melanie Chan

On Jorge Luis Borges – ‘Advice from Borges not to Know’, by Caleb Klaces

Moving Sideways, or in Reverse: spiritual directions in Ursula K. Le Guin. by Liesl King

Examining the ‘real’ in Philip K. Dick, by Charlotte Winter