9-9.30am: Coffee and registration (De Grey Court Foyer)

9.30am: Welcome (De Grey Lecture Theatre)

9:30 – 11.00:

Panel 1: Monstrosity in Translation

Dominique Brigham (Universiteit van Amsterdam) ‘Contamination in Translation: Language and Cloning in Pokémon: The First Movie

Darren Kerr (Southampton Solent University) ‘Let the Right One In and the Wrong One Go: Paedophilia and Film Culture’

Daisy Butcher (University of Hertfordshire) ‘”You’re Welcome!” The Disneyfication of Maui’s invasion of the feminine and vagina dentata in Disney’s Moana

Joanna Starzynski (York St John University) ‘Monster as metaphor: Social isolation and monstrous identity in The Lodger (Hitchcock, 1927) & M (Fritz Lang, 1931)’

11.00-11.15am: Tea & Coffee

11.15 – 12.45pm:

Panel 2: Monstrous Others (De Grey Lecture Theatre)

Lauren Stephenson (York St John University) ‘From Backwoods to Council Estates: The Transnational Monstrosity of the Lower Classes’

Meriem Rayan Lamara (The University of Northampton) ‘The Monstrous Other in Twenty-first Century Young Adult Gothic Literature’

Marco Pinfari (American University in Cairo) ‘“We Love to Drink Blood”: Monstrosity and the Terrorist Actor’

Barbara Plotz (Kings College London)’ Horror East: The Representation of Eastern Europe in Contemporary Western European and North American Horror Cinema’

12.45-1.30pm: Lunch


Panel 3: Monstrous Traditions (De Grey Lecture Theatre)

Léna Remy-Kovach (Albert-Ludwigs Universität) ‘The Algonquian Windigo as an Allegory of On-Going Colonial Violence in Recent Indigenous Gothic Fiction’

Liz Gloyn (Royal Holloway) ‘The Ancient Monster In The Modern World: A Diachronic And Transnational Case Study’

Martin Hall (York St John University) ‘Who is the Jewish Monster? The Golem and Jewish Diaspora in the gothic tradition and Woody Allen’s Shadows and Fog (1991)’

Jaroslav Švelch (Charles University, Prague/University of Bergen) ‘Paradoxes of video game monstrosity: The case of Bayonetta’s transnational monsters’

 3:00-3:15 Coffee/Tea


3:15-4:45 Monstrous Sub-Genres (Parallel Sessions)

Panel 4a: Kaijū migrations (DG019)

Lucia Leão & Fernanda Manzo Ceretta (Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil) ‘From Gojira (1954) to Godzilla (2014): memory and imaginary`s translations of the King of Monsters’

Andrew M Butler (Canterbury Christchurch University) ‘In Search of a Midnight Tentacle: Monsters, Walls and the Photographic Sublime’

Daniel Otto Jack Petersen (University of Glasgow) ‘Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation: The Migration of Ecomonsters from East to West in Gareth Edwards’s Godzilla

Fareed Ben-Youssef (University of California, Berkeley) ‘“Post-War Japan is a tributary state”: Shin Godzilla and the Transnational Monstrosity of the Japan-US Relationship’

Panel 4b: Zombies without borders (DG016)

Judith Eckenhoff (RWTH Aachen University) ‘The Zombie Apocalypse as Global Ecological Crisis’

David Maguire (Leeds International Film Festival) ‘Wanted undead or alive – George A. Romero’s zombie films as neo-Westerns’

5.00pm – 6.00pm: Roundtable discussion: ‘Transnational Monstrosities’ (De Grey Lecture Theatre)

6.00pm Closing Remarks

6.15pm: wine reception

7.30pm: Conference Dinner (Thirteen-Thirty One, York)


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