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Up here we’ve seen it all
we’ve kicked and we’ve fought
with our backs to the wall, for too long 
we have been a city, forgotten.  

The shadows of yesteryear still loom large,
where the blue bastard bullies, 
spat in the faces of our ancestors, 
and damned us with

And yet, that’s why I love where I’m from,
I love that we embrace our past; 
I love that we are a city reborn
from the ashes of those who worked   

In the dark 
In the smoke
In the heat  
In the dirt. 

Our community is its heartbeat,
no matter how far I go, 
or what becomes of me 
I am still a ‘wee bonny lad’, 
bleeding black and white, 
with Geordie bones crafted 
from strongest shipyard steel.     

I never forget where I come from, 
Nor, the strength it took to leave.
my heart will forever belong  
to yem. 

Elliott Scriven

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