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I am a current MA Publishing student studying at York St John University. I have recently graduated with a bachelors degree in Creative Writing, and have been a passionate writer for as long as I can remember. My long-term goal is to find a career in editing, as the one thing I am more passionate about than my own writing is helping other writers flourish and succeed. In a constantly evolving literary world, it is an absolute honour to help fresh, inexperienced authors find their feet.

I won the silver prize in the 2023 ‘Richard Wise: Is it a Crime to be Poor’ national writing competition, and my non-fictional short story ‘On Surviving’ was published in the 2022 Beyond the Walls anthology. I have a personal interest in ‘realist’ works, and whilst – of course – this can refer to memoir, biography, autobiography, and anything else covered in the field of non-fiction, I am equally as interested in fictional works with “real” and “worldly” undertones.

Whilst otherworldly, fantastical stories are incredible in their own rights, I find an immersivity like no other in the stories of human beings in human scenarios. I will be enthused to read any and all submissions, but if your piece of prose/poetry focuses on you, a real person, a realistic fictional character, or our world itself, you will have piqued my interest in particular.

I hope everybody has fun writing their pieces, and I can’t wait to hopefully read some of your submissions soon!



I am currently a first year Creative Writing student from Bolivia at York St John University. As an international student, having the opportunity of folllowing my passion of becoming an author is a dream come true. I’ve been creating and writing stories for as long as I can remember.

In June of 2023 I published my debut dystopian novel, ‘Golden’, with Editorial La Glorieta, a publishing house from Bolivia. I am working on publishing it internationally soon. It makes me so excited that it’s finally out in the world, as it is a project that I have dedicated endless hours and amounts of love to. And I am currently writing the sequel! Books are my passion, and as much as I want to be a professional, full-time author, I also strive to become part of the publishing industry as an editor and help bring out writers’ best stories.

I am the biggest fan of YA dystopian, fantasy, historical fiction, and romance stories and novels, so if you enjoy writing in those genres (or anything in fiction, really!), I will be the happiest to read the stories you’ve got that the world can’t wait to immerse into. <3



I am in the first year of my postgraduate degree in Publishing & Creative Writing here at York SJ. I studied my undergraduate in Manchester in English & American Literature, and now I currently work part-time at my local Waterstones and art college. 

I have been writing stories since I could hold a pen. As a child, I had a habit of scaring myself silly with my own stories, which still resonates with me as an adult. My favourite genres are weird fiction, the uncanny, existentialist fiction, surrealism, bildungsroman, and horror. I don’t mind a story where either nothing really happens, or a story where literally everything happens. 

I’m currently working on my own full-length novel, and to aid me with this, I absolutely love being inspired by others’ work. Eventually, I hope to become a literary agent and help talented writers become recognised. In the meantime, however, I thoroughly enjoy being a bookseller and seeing firsthand the effects that books have on people.

Aside from writing and books I also love painting, making scrapbooks, and 80s post punk bands. 



I am a MA Creative Writing student. I have recently graduated with a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing and English Language from York St. John University. I have always keen writer, and I have huge ambitions of becoming a full-time editor in the future, as well as getting my poetry and creative non-fiction published.       

I have self-published my own novel called Noteworthy in July 2023 which is a YA novel based around the challenges of growing up with Cerebral Palsy. On the same day I also self-published a collection of poetry called The Things That Make Us, which is a collection dedicated to the aspects of our lives we hold most dear.  and. I am also a published poet and non-fiction writer, with my poem, Yem chosen to be part of the 2022 edition of the Beyond The Walls anthology, and my piece Life Comes At You Quick selected in 2023.

I have a particular interest in poetry, among my favourite poets are, Plath, Wordsworth, and Courtney Peppernell. I love poetry that makes the reader feel an emotional response, whether it be joy, sorrow, peace, anger or anything in between.

In terms of prose, I have a love for creative non-fiction, and memoir that takes the reader on a journey. One of my favourite pieces is I Belong Here by Anita Sethi.  

If you are thinking of submitting to the blog my interests lie in Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction, but I am excited to read anything that has a strong sense of voice.

The more emotional the better and I look forward to reading your submissions. Remember to have fun!



I am currently studying an MA in Publishing at York St John, having recently graduated from Northumbria University with a degree in English Literature. During my time here, I worked as an editorial intern, transcribing the original novellas, plays and poems of Aphra Behn. It was at this point when I decided to pursue a career in publishing, particularly in the editorial sector. I am also a contributing writer for The Publishing Post independent presses team.

I absolutely love anything to do with the Gothic, whether it be fiction or creative non-fiction work, with my favourite classic of all time being Dracula. I am also interested in contemporary romance fiction and stories from feminist perspectives, such as historical or mythological retellings.

I am so excited to read your submissions and get your fantastic work out into the world!

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