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Feline Rituals

There is a light that 

Went out across the street 

To bed they’ve gone, 

Well, all but one, 

Out slinks the cat. 

From the window and 

Down the branch 

She slides out 

Without any doubt, 

Glides to the doormat. 

A cry into the night 

Summons the neighbours 

One, two, three; they gather 

And together they blather 

And observe sabbat. 

A ritual of all felines, 

They stretch, mew, bat and catch 

Little creatures. Piled up, 

Then shared the to the lineup, 

Their ritual complete, they return to their habitat 

And cast their spells 

At the foot of doors, beds and cabinets. 

At the crack of dawn 

They shout for their pawns 

And receive love and attention,

For being a cat.

Ethan Clark

Ethan Clark, coming from a village in Wales, has come to university to YSJ to study Creative Writing. The inspiration for this piece came from a seminar from my poetry module and, of course, a love for cats.

Image by Christopher AlvarengaHire on Unsplash


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