Sunday Bookshop Review – Books For Amnesty

The Books for Amnesty bookshop is a treat for any book lovers in York! It has an extensive fiction collection with plenty of great, cheap books. As well as the books though there is a host of cute little souvenirs to get such as cards, post cards and posters. This quiet little bookshop is a great place for books, as well as contributing to a great cause there is always a great read to be found here. But the books and the post cards aren’t the best feature, I think one of the most impressive things about this shop is the beautiful and intriguing window displays; perfect for luring in book lovers!

Sunday Bookshop Review: The Grimoire Bookshop

The Grimoire Bookshop is one of the nicest, most welcoming bookshops in York, the beautiful displays and second hand books give the shop a really welcoming homely feel. There is a wide range of fantastic and beautiful books all with yellowing pages and great histories perfect for any kind of bookworm, there are plenty of brilliant classics, children’s books, horror, science fiction and even a great section made up of cooking and craft books.

It’s a great place for a nice browse amongst the shelves, but it’s a great asset to students as well as Grimoire Bookshop is happy to buy second hand books! The only problem is that once you sell how could you resist buying the rest of the stock? It’s definitely a bookshop for hardcore bookworms and should be checked out by all the literature and creative writing students.

Sunday Bookshop Review: Minster Gate Bookshop!

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The Minster Gate Bookshop is the perfect bookshop for everybody! Interested in folklore? Wander up to the first floor! Need a new book for the kids? Have a browse through the children’s section downstairs! Lover of Shakespeare? All on the second floor! Gardening? Philosophy? Psychology? Ancient History? You can find anything and everything in The Minster Gate Bookshop!


The Minster Gate Bookshop is one of the must see bookshops in York, possibly Yorkshire. Possibly England. It is a fantastic, and beautiful bookshop, with seemingly endless nooks and crannies packed full of books of all shapes and sizes and interests. Despite specialising in Children’s literature, folklore, and Arthurian literature, there are certainly no limitations to this fantastic bookshop! (I’m trying to be unbiased I promise, it’s just so difficult!)

It’s so full of books they’re even spilling off the shelves!

This treasure of York is definitely worth a visit! Any book lover needs a chance to go there and clear out the bank account! (What else if money for if not books?)

Sunday Bookshop Review: Little Apple Bookshop!


The Little Apple Bookshop is a cosy little place, full of everything you could ever want, especially if you’re a YSJ student! If you are a literature or creative writing student you’ll already know about the Little Apple, as it generally stocks the reading list for first years, just to make things a little easier!

But book buying tips aside The Little Apple Bookshop is wonderful! Not only does it house fiction, humour, poetry, science fiction, signed books, and an extensive children’s section, it has plenty of fun book themed gifts, toys and trinkets. From novelty bookmarks to Shakespeare plush toys to literary tote bags, there’s no better way to let the world know you love books (quite possibly) more than people!

New York may be the Big Apple but Old York has the Little Apple! You should definitely have a taste!! (And pick up a tote bag!)

Sunday Bookshop Review: Waterstones!

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We may as well start with the big leagues! The York Waterstones can be found on Coney Street and is definitely worth a visit, student or not. There is a wide selection of books and (as you probably know) more can always be ordered in. Our Waterstones is smaller than most in the big cities but certainly fun! The staff are friendly, there’s always tonnes going on – most recently a Harry Potter night that sold out almost right away – and there’s a lovely café on the first floor to have a sip of tea and read your new bookish purchases.

This Waterstones in particular is extremely child friendly, for children of any age. With the children’s section taking up almost a quarter of the ground floor, complete with a play area and small seats, it’s the perfect place to encourage kids to get reading.

The one small issue at Waterstones is that recently the horror section has been integrated into fiction making it harder for novice horror fans (like myself!) to browse the genre as a whole. But on the upside it’s made the Science Fiction section much bigger!

Though it may be small, York’s Waterstones is a lovely place, but we’ll see how it measures up to the rest of York’s wonderful independent and charity bookshops in the coming weeks!