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Hedgehog friendly initiatives at Haxby Road Sports Centre site

There are a lot of hedgehog friendly initiatives happening at the Haxby Road Spots Centre. Simon from the Grounds team has kindly shown me around to share the initiatives that has been taken.

There are currently 4 hedgehog houses located across the Haxby Road Sports Centre with log piles left for hedgehogs, invertebrates and mammals in various location at the site. We are hoping to do some hedgehog surveys in the coming months so it will be interesting to find out if these houses are being used.

There are areas where nature is left to grow to encourage greater biodiversity.

The Haxby Road site is also home to our YSJ community allotment, wildlife pond, bee hive and various bird boxes too (birdboxes include tailor-made boxes for Tawny owls, woodpeckers, small birds like blue tits and more).

We have also planted mixed native hedge at the site, including Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Rosa.

Planting mixed native hedges at Haxby Road Sports Centre

Planting mixed native hedges at Haxby Road Sports Centre

It is lovely to see so many wildlife habitat initiatives that are happening at Haxby Road Sports Centre site.

How to help Hedgehogs seminar

We hope you are all well.

York St John University held their first ever Green Week, week commencing 15 March. There were various online webinars and activities that students/staff could get involved in relation to sustainability. We kicked off the week by delivering the ‘How to Help Hedgehogs’ webinar hosted by Jo Wilkinson from Hedgehog Friendly Campus.

This is a very useful webinar which not only gives backgrounds on Hedgehogs but also on how to spot an injured hedgehog and how you can help them.

There has been a few hedgehogs spotted at our campus so you might spot a hedgehog on campus one day.  Take a look at this this webinar to find out more!