He’s behind you!!!

image of a pantomime dame
There is nothing like a dame!

I’ve already mentioned that I used to love teaching during the Christmas period – the decorations, the pop corn on the last day and the excitement of the children. However, there was one more thing that I really enjoyed about Christmas. It was the one thing that brought a huge amount of work, stress and arguments but one that definitely brought the biggest rewards. What was it? Well the Christmas Pantomime! Oh yes it is!…..

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Wilson’s Weekend Waffle with ….4

As usual here is a Waffle to listen and watch for the weekend. So far we have had an interview with Laura Jackson and Professor Donald Gillies and last week with Mark Dransfield. This week welcome…


I Waffled with Wilson badge!
I Waffled with Wilson badge!

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Count down to Christmas!

Image of Santa
Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas comes but once a year but when it comes it comes with vigour! I must say that Christmas is one of my favourite times in a primary school – Christmas and Children just go together. But just like you prepare for Christmas at home you need to get organised at school as well. So here is how I used to prepare!

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