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A breakthrough with first years

This post relates to a session I ran with the level 4 Theology (incorporating Theology, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics students) module 1RS010 this week. Two of the learning outcomes for this module are: Access primary and secondary sources, using electronic searches, in order to identify and explain key themes and approaches in the study of… Read More »

Blended approach to induction for pre-sessional students

This post comes from Jane Munks, the academic liaison librarian for the York Business School, which welcomes intakes of pre-sessional students. These are students who arrive in advance of their degrees starting, to build their knowledge of the English needed for study on an undergraduate course. The input was designed for approx. 8 students and… Read More »

Discussion – 28 June 2018

There was a meeting to discuss information use and evaluation and support for first year undergraduates on 28 June. This is an outline of the key issues raised and some of the suggested ways in which they may be tackled. Negative feedback after being given tasks involving reading articles, especially in the mid-module review Key… Read More »

Induction for BA Children Young People and Families

Level 4 Children Young People and Families lesson plan (.docx) This 90 minute session was designed jointly between me as a librarian and the module tutor. We wanted to ensure the students thought about why they were using resources, and why they had been authored in the first place, as well as giving practical advice about… Read More »