Law Society Debates

The Student Law Society encourages YSJ Law students to get involved in the debates it organises – both informal and formal – as these are a great way to get everyone to meet and get everyone talking. Through debating, students also learn a range of skills which will be really useful in their future careers, such as researching a topic thoroughly, preparing an argument, critical thinking, public speaking, thinking on your feet and working as part of a team. Debating is good preparation for joining in Law School moots, too. Joining in the Law Society debates also helps students become more at ease with their lecturers, as they will occasionally adjudicate over the debates and pick a fair winner.

Debates have covered topics such as:

the escalation of knife crime, euthanasia, capital punishment and has feminism gone too far?

I look forward to running more debates as we go ahead!!

Abi Hewitt, President of the Student Law Society; Chair of Debates, 2018-9.