Customise course overview page even more

We’ve got quite a heavily customised course overview page (My Moodle) at the moment. Andrew James developed some neat functionality to allow users to filter course content on their pages but it’s not perfect. A few users have recently mentioned that they would like to be able to organise their own course overview page in a more personal way. So for example, where the filter removes courses from view based on a filtering criteria (academic year, semester, category), they want to be able to order courses on their page, according to their own preferences. Ideally, this would be a drag n drop interface.

I also like the interface which was developed at Sussex which allows users to have their courses shown by academic year, but on what looks like a separate screen which flies in from left to right. Take a look at this screencast to get an idea of what I mean – ignore it when I say “Essex”, it’s Sussex!

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