Camtasia Relay & HELIX

I was speaking to the rep from Streaming Media recently (Chris) about the upcoming user group meeting in London on 16th November, which Phil will be going to. Seeing as we have been having problems with our Crestron equipment, I asked him whether he had any kind of relationship with Techsmith, who providea lecture capture solution called Camtasia Relay. This is something I was interested in investigating as an alternative to Crestron.

Why Camtasia Relay? Well, Streaming have integrated the Camtasia Relay service into their product’s workflow, so that tutors can simply record their sessions and have them immediately available in the HELIX media library for students to watch back. This all sounds pretty good and looks to work seamlessly. His response both shocked and surprised me. He told me that YSJ already has a campus licence for Relay, which is for 1 year and includes updates and support! I had no idea. As a result, I’ve contacted EIS and asked if part of their media server install includes installing Relay and have arranged an online meeting with Chris to have the integratino demonstrated.

University of Aberdeen has a case study from the Techsmith website whch makes for interesting reading.

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