Helix Media Library – User Group Feedback

Last Friday I went down to London for the Helix Media Library User Group meeting, it was a great chance for me to find out more about what HML is/does, network, and hear presentations from exisitng users.

Having a dedicated media library for video & audio content will offer some great opportunities for staff & students, and should come as a welcome addition for those already doing innovative things with multimedia content.

As Mark has already mentioned in earlier posts, the integration with Camtasia Relay is very exciting, both for lecture/seminar capture, and for students capturing video content straight from their mobile devices via the free app (Fuse).

One of the features curerntly missing is the ability to share content privately, a significant function for assessment and feedback purposes. We have expressed our need for this feature to the developers, and I wasn’t alone in mentioning this on the day of the event, so hopefully it will make it onto the development roadmap soon!

We’re still in the process of having HML installed here at YSJ, and we’re really excited about getting it up and running, and looking forward to working with academic colleagues in using it.

All of the presentations along with a showcase video of the User Group event are available at the following URL:



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Phil’s focus is to work across Faculties to support the implementation of the Academic Strategy, and in particular contribute to the effective development and implementation of technology enhanced learning.

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  1. Mark Dransfield says:

    Great post Phil – I can’t wait for this project to get cracking. The other thing we need to push them on, as you suggested when we talked after your visit, is that accessibility is formally considered within the development.

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