A-Z Tools & Technologies: Jorum

What is Jorum?

Jorum is the UK’s national digital repository for Open Educational Resources (OERs) or in layman’s terms, it’s a place where you can get loads of free teaching resources.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple really. Head on over to www.jorum.ac.uk and click the Find link. From there, you’ll be able to either browse through the directory of resources or use a keyword search. Resources are categorised by academic context and subject discipline, so it’s really easy to find content relevant to your specific area of interest.

Jorum, the UK's national digital reposititor for learning materials.

Jorum, the UK’s national digital repository for learning materials.

What about Teaching and Learning?

Because all of the resources in Jorum are licensed under the Creative Commons licensing structure, you’re free to use and in many cases re-purpose the resources you find. You’ll often be able to download the resources and then make them available in your Moodle module, within the specific context of your teaching.

If you find a resource which contains almost everything you’re looking for but isn’t exactly what you need, colleagues in the TEL team will be able to help re-develop the resource with you, provided the licence allows for it.

Head on over there now and take a quick look to see what you can find.

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