A-Z Tools & Technologies: Prezi

What is Prezi?

preziPrezi is a cloud based platform that allows users to create interactive presentations. By using the built in templates users are able to create beautiful presentations that can be edited on mobile technologies or desktop computer. This tool is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint.

How Does It Work?

After selecting a template as the basis for a presentation, users can add frames to the canvas which are the equivalent of slides. These are then linked together to create a smoothly flowing presentation. The interface uses a pinch zooming feature which allows quick transfers between frames. From the whole screen view the presentation can then be shown in frame order with taps or keystrokes.

Why Use it for Teaching and Learning?

preziAs an alternative to PowerPoint, Prezi is very useful for people who want to create a presentation that will stand out. The many different templates allow you to create a design that suits your topic well. The fact that the whole system is cloud based is brilliant for those who wish to work on the go or in many different places. With it being a cloud based server, users can make their presentations available for everybody to see and they can also search and view a wide array of presentations.

Cost and Availability

Although the Prezi application and software is free to download and use, there are also two upgrade versions available. Firstly in order to make your presentations private there is an ‘Enjoy’ upgrade for around £4 a month. After this there is a ‘Pro’ upgrade which allows private presentations and offline editing for windows and macs, this is priced at around £10 a month.

Students & Teachers can take advantage of educational licenses and upgrade to the ‘Edu Enjoy’ package for free if they have a valid educational email address (e.g. @yorksj.ac.uk).

ios-appstore-1Prezi for iPad also allows you to create, edit, present & share Prezis on the go!

Do you use Prezi for teaching & learning? Do your students use it for presentations & assessment?


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