Designing Active Learning in Moodle

One of the really interesting presentations from MoodleMoot Edinburgh 2014 was ‘Designing Active Learning in Moodle – a preview of the Learning Designer tools’ by Eileen Kennedy & Dionisis Dimakopoulos.

The Learning Designer suite of tools enables teachers to share their good teaching ideas. It is intended to help a subject teacher see how a particular pedagogic approach can be migrated successfully across different topics. There are sample patterns to browse and edit, or you can design your own from scratch.

Browser‘ offers a collection of pedagogical patterns, which you can redesign for your own teaching practice.

Designer‘ presents the pedagogical pattern template to help you describe your own teaching idea for a session (e.g. student preparation, class activities and homework).

Completed learning designs can then be exported to Moodle in order to help with course layout an begin population of the module, with even more features planned in the future.

For an early release of the Learning designer suite of tools visit:

What do you think? Is Learning Designer something you could us to plan your pedagogic approach?


Phil Vincent

Phil’s focus is to work across Faculties to support the implementation of the Academic Strategy, and in particular contribute to the effective development and implementation of technology enhanced learning.

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