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The University strategic plan responding to the NSS centres on trying to improve the assessment and feedback process, which should aid students’ learning and consequently support improved student satisfaction with assessment and feedback. In the short term the key objectives includes turnaround of feedback and marks to students within three working weeks.

This is not a new objective, it is something that was highlighted as a priority in delivery of the current Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy (2012-15). To support the process of assessment and feedback, and enable the University to monitor feedback timelines, a new ‘Grade Tracker’ feature has been added to Moodle. Grade Tracker will aid module tutors by sending an email reminder two working weeks after a submission deadline has passed if marks and feedback have not been uploaded. If there are any pinch points that can be foreseen, or any issues that arise during the 3 week period, it is critical that this is brought to the attention of the relevant Head of Programme and/or Head of Department as soon as possible.


Q. How does the Grade Tracker work?

A. The Grade Tracker looks for an Assignment Activity which has been designed to provide a grade to students. The Tracker then detects the deadline for your Moodle or Turnitin Assignment Activity, and checks to see whether your student has submitted their assessment. It will then search for the presence of a grade for each student who has submitted, and if the grade is still absent 21 days after the deadline then an email notification will be sent.

Q. Can I bulk upload grades & feedback to speed up the process?

A. Moodle has some feedback management features which are designed to help tutors who have large cohorts of students. These enable tutors to perform actions in bulk, rather than individually. This screencast will explain how tutors can bulk upload student grades and student feedback to a Moodle assignment:

Q. Can I just include the grade on my feedback sheet/file?

A. No, grades should be entered directly into Moodle. You could however set the grade to a simple Pass/Fail and still require the students to access the feedback sheet. You can also bulk upload grades as well as feedback, for more information see: or contact

Q. What if my assessment is ‘offline’ and/or doesn’t require a Moodle submission (performance, presentation, artefact etc.)?

A. You should request that your students also submit something to Moodle ahead of their assessment – a marking grid or assessment cover sheet would be appropriate. If students submit a marking grid, or feedback sheet, they could be bulk downloaded, completed by staff, and then bulk uploaded straight back into Moodle again. Please contact to discuss individual options & variations.

Q. Will the Grade Tracker take University closure into consideration?

A. Yes, public holidays & Christmas closures will not be counted.

Q. Will Grade Tracker take annual leave into consideration?

A. No, it will not take annual leave into consideration, only public holidays and the University Christmas closure days.

Q. What if my student did not submit anything, or they submitted late?

A. The Grade Tracker will ignore any non or late submissions, only those submitted before the assessment deadline will be tracked.

Q. What about mitigating circumstances, resits or deferrals?

A. Standard practice would be to duplicate the assessment activity and make it available to students who are required to submit late. See Duplicating & Renaming Resources for more information: or contact

Q. Can I still use the Assignment Activity for formative assessment, or as a ‘dropbox’ for non-assessed work (placement paperwork etc.)?

A. Yes, in the Assignment settings, under the Grade heading, click the Grade drop-down menu and select ‘No grade’. This activity will then be ignored by the Grade Tracker.

Q. Are dissertations included with regard to the 3 weeks turn round for feedback?

A. Dissertations, where feedback is unlikely to be used to influence future work, may be considered as exempt from the three week turnaround. This needs to be discussed with your HoP and to be approved by your ADQ and the date for return of feedback should still be published to students and adhered to. Grade Tracker is likely to send out reminders based on the three week turnaround but these can be ignored where approval to extend has been given.

Q. Where can I get help with the assessment lifecycle and electronic management of assessment?

A. Please contact



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Phil’s focus is to work across Faculties to support the implementation of the Academic Strategy, and in particular contribute to the effective development and implementation of technology enhanced learning.

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