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  1. Phil Vincent says:

    Hi Rebecca
    You certainly picked an interesting tool/application to write your blog post on – the world of content authoring tools!
    iSpring is a very powerful and feature-rich application, but it also comes with a hefty price tag (~$400) and a steep learning curve (very similar to Articulate Studio), possibly enough to put most academic users off!?
    A great alternative would be Xerte, a collection of open-source (free) tools for producing interactive learning materials ( Xerte was developed by Uni of Nottingham, and is used widely across the HE sector.

  2. Rebecca Bailey says:

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for the link. I’ve just had a quick look at Xerte, it is certainly not as slick as iSpring but a useful free tool! I think I may need a bit of training on it though. iSpring has the benefit of looking like a PowerPoint document so a little easier to navigate and use. But yes! expensive!

  3. Brian Tarr says:

    Hi, Rebecca!

    Thank you so much for reviewing iSpring Pro!

    I wonder if you might be willing to give us your opinion the latest update, iSpring Pro 7.1. This news release ( and comparison chart ( might be helpful in making your decision.

    Thank for your consideration, and please let me know if you have any questions.

    -Brian Tarr

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