Learn with Lynda: Prezi Presentation tips and tricks

This month’s Learn with Lynda is focusing on presentations. Are you looking for a different way to present to students? Then Prezi may be the (free) tool for you! We have previosuly introduced Prezi in our A-Z of tools.Prezi logo

Prezi, unlike the linear way that Microsoft PowerPoint presents, allows the freedom to navigate outside this format. You can zoom and rotate in and out of the content, as well as letting the audience see the bigger picture of the overall presentation. It does allow you to import your PowerPoint files into Prezi.

If you’ve not used Prezi before then the 2h 56m beginners course Prezi Essential Training by Garrick Chow is a great place to start. It begins with the basics before moving onto the more complex features that are unique to Prezi’s 3D canvas. Topics include:

  • Planning your presentation
  • Creating a new Prezi
  • Using the theme wizard
  • Adding text, images, links, and more
  • Aligning, layering, and grouping elements
  • Adding video and audio to a Prezi
  • Collaborating on a Prezi
  • Printing a Prezi

Already Familiar with Prezi?

Then you may want to make them more engaging, Prezi Tips and Tricks is a good course to help with this. At 1h 4m it builds on your knowledge from the planning stage through creation to presenting tips. Discover how to control Prezi using keyboard shortcuts and use fade-ins to reveal content. Get power tips for using Prezi’s zoom feature to enhance storytelling, and for presenting your Prezi in front of an audience. Topics include:

  • Mind-mapping your prezi
  • Moving and grouping objects
  • Using favorites to save and reuse content
  • Working with text
  • Editing graphics, including photos, shapes, and charts
  • Zooming
  • Presenting your prezi

Looking for something for your students?

Then Presentation Fundamentals by Tatiana Kolovou, a 1h 31m course, is an excellent introduction to giving interesting presentations. According to Tatiana what makes a compelling presentation is:

“A presentation that is built on strong research, tailored to your audience’s interests, and designed to anticipate and answer questions about your message.”

This course goes through all stages of the presentation process, with these topics covered:

  • Analysing your audience
  • Strategising for possible audience reaction
  • Building credibility with your audience
  • Collecting information
  • Organising content
  • Designing slides
  • Practicing your presentation
  • Holding a Q&A session

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the courses! Were they helpful? Was there anything you would add? Any takeaways you can apply to your teaching or would like to explore further? Let us know in the comments. 


Emma Fletcher

Working to the Directorate’s annual objectives and the TEL Quality Framework, Emma’s role as a TEL Advisor is to proactively support and develop staff in using technology to enhance the student learning experience. Her main focus is to advise academic staff on effective use of learning technologies to develop innovative learning resources, processes and practices. Before joining YSJ Emma was a teacher of computing at Castleford Academy. Emma is interested in mobile learning / BYOD and open education.

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  1. Phil Vincent says:

    A new/updated version of Prezi Essential Training was released yesterday (12/12/16) and can be found here: https://www.lynda.com/Prezi-tutorials/Prezi-Essential-Training-2016/530525-2.html Phil

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