Updates to Mozilla Backpack

If you’ve been using Mozilla Backpack to display your Open Badges, the way you login to your Open Badges Backpack is changing. You need to take some simple steps to maintain access to your account.

The backpack was introduced in 2011 by Mozilla, but since then the world of technology has changed rapidly. As a result there have been some major updates required to the code base that is used to power the service.

As a result this update is available to provide you with a stable and reliable Backpack for now and the immediate future.

What do I need to do before 15th December 2016?

Head over to the Backpack and follow the instructions to update your account. Its quick and easy, it should take less than 1 minute to update details.

I’ve missed the 15th December deadline can I still get access to my account?

Yes, as long as you still have access to your email address you will be able to reset your account and log back into the Backpack. Visit the Backpack to reset your account.

Mozilla Backpack isn’t the only platform you can use to display your Open Badges, and here at York St John we use and recommend Open Badge Passport. With Open Badge Passport, you can register more than one email address, so you can store badges issued to both your work/student and personal email addresses in there.

Follow Digitalme on Medium to keep up to date with Mozilla Backpack developments.

If you have any questions about Open Badges more generally, visit the Open Badges web pages or contact us at tel@yorksj.ac.uk.


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