Learn with Lynda – Gamification for Interactive Learning

In this month’s Learn with Lynda, we will be showcasing the lynda.com course Gamification for interactive learning by Karl Kapp. This course is 2 hours and 3 minutes long. Don’t forget, the videos are broken down into bite-size chapters, so you don’t have to complete the course all at once. You can also watch the chapters that appeal to you the most!

Gamification allows you to present educational content to learners in a way that’s engaging, visually compelling, and personalised. In this course, Karl Kapp explores the various types of gamification, and shows how to use gamification and interactive learning to develop effective learning experiences. He explains how to add game elements to instructional design and use reward systems for learner engagement. He also reviews the different types of structural gamification, including competition-based and badge-based. To wrap up, he dives into content gamification, explaining how to leverage characters for learning, create challenges, and provide juicy feedback.

Topics include:

  • Games vs. gamification
  • Making a gamified learning experience successful
  • Leveraging dashboards and big data
  • Engaging different interests of learners
  • Creating effective feedback loops
  • Writing effective questions
  • Designing effective leaderboards
  • Structural types of gamification
  • Creating a motivating challenge

Watch a preview of Gamification for Interactive learning

Please let us know what you think of the course. Was it helpful? Have you applied gamification to your learning activities? Use the comments below to share your experiences. Or, if you would like to apply gamification for interactive learning in your courses, please come and discuss your ideas with us. You can contact us by email tel@yorksj.ac.uk 


P.S. Did you know? You can integrate your lynda.com course completion certificates with your LinkedIn profile – and share the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired. Simply ‘Share’ your certificate of completion and select ‘Post to LinkedIn profile’!

Suzy Mills

Working to the Directorate’s annual objectives and the TEL Quality Framework, Suzy’s role as TEL Assistant is to proactively support and develop staff in using technology to enhance the students learning experience. Her main focus will be the day to day management and administration of the VLE and other learning technologies. Suzy joins the TEL team from the School Administration Unit, where she worked as a School Administrator for five years. Suzy is interested in developing her knowledge of how learning technologies can be used in Higher Education and exploring the use of Open Badges.

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