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Moodle Monday – Gradebook Calculation Formulas

Today’s Moodle Monday will be focusing on how you can create a formula in Moodle to calculate a weighted mean of grades.  As it stands, Moodle automatically assigns a simple weighted mean of grades...

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Moodle Monday: Groups

Moodle allows you to create groups within the enrolled cohort of students. This has a number of advantages when using Moodle. For example: You may be a tutor in a course where you have...

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Moodle Monday: Scheduler Plugin

A new plugin, called Scheduler, has just been added on Moodle. This new feature will allow you to schedule one-to-one or group tutorials with your students in a particular course in Moodle. This is an...

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Moodle Monday: Offline Assignment

This week’s Moodle Monday will take you through the steps on how to create an offline assignment. If your course has assessments such as presentations, exams, art and design shows, dissertations (ie, an assessment...

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Moodle Monday: Course Format

Today’s Moodle Monday is focusing on Course Format, course format refers to the layout of a Moodle course.  Last month there were a few updates to Moodle (that were summarised in this blog post)...

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Moodle Monday: Tracking Student Engagement and Progress

Moodle offers a variety of options for enhancing student engagement & tracking progress, including Moodle Reports, Activity Completion, Conditional Activities, Progress Bar, Open Badges, Engagement Analytics and Course Dedication. Moodle Reports Moodle contains four...

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Moodle Monday: Lightbox Gallery

Use Moodle’s Lightbox Gallery to showcase a gallery of images in your Moodle course. You can change the permissions within your course site to allow students to post their own images to the gallery...

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Moodle Monday: Book Module

The Book Module makes it easy to create a multi-page resource with a book like format. You might create a sequence of web page resources in your course which would add to the need...

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Moodle Monday: Discussion Forums

Discussion forums have been a mainstay of the web for many years and still make up a core part of online/distance learning programmes. Most major VLE platforms have discussion forums available as an activity and...

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