Author: Ian Wilson


Waffling on “Talking about Teaching” Event

Every year there is a conference based at the university where I work called “Talking about Teaching”. I can safely say that this is one of my most enjoyable events of the year not only because the focus is on teaching – something which I am passionate about – or that my image appears on much of the publicity (fame at last!) but also it is one of those events when people share good practice and I always leave full of great ideas and enthusiasm to implement this into my existing practice. So what did I experience – well Let’s waffle about the event!


Technology to replace face-to-face teaching?

Initially when I started to work within higher education I continued to apply the strategies and techniques I had used within the primary classroom to my higher education sessions. It was not long before I realised that, even though the basic learning theories still apply, there was a uniqueness to learning and teaching within higher education that I had not been aware off.