Universities – anchor institutions for lifelong learning

This is the last in our series of blog posts on lifelong learning to mark the Universities Association of Lifelong Learning conference which is currently taking place in York. Today, York St John Vice Chancellor, Karen Stanton will be delivering the conference’s keynote speech. The conference clearly has a university viewpoint on lifelong learning. However, something which has become apparent from this series of posts and the examples of lifelong learning delivered by YSJ in the community, is that collaboration is key. No institution is an island – or at least not an effective island.

Fountains Learning

Universities have a big influence on the communities where they are based and have an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on these communities. However, this impact will be more effective if universities can work together with the other large and small institutions which form the community. In effect, the university with its campus, expertise and enthusiasm can by the anchor institution from which other institutions can glean knowledge and pool ideas and thus, create economies of scale.

When people talk about lifelong learning, it is often difficult to see or explain the positive impact that investing in an individual can have on the rest of a community. But making small changes and commitments can have far-reaching consequences. To illustrate this point I will sign-off with a great video: How Wolves Change Rivers. I hope you enjoy it:

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