Gucci MX Project Campaign

Gucci is a brand that is redefining fashion one step at time, with their creative director Alessandro Michele taking the reins and steering Gucci in a new direction. Gucci is not afraid to convey ideas of gender fluidity and non-binary concepts through their ad campaigns and collections, hence why the Gucci MX Collection came as no surprise to the world of fashion. Gucci MX is a new concept which features on the fashion house website, where the stereotypes of men and women’s fashion are challenged and essentially brought together in one place, as a completely genderless collection, which over time will be added to. MX first launched in 2020, allowing shoppers to browse the items from the Pre-Fall and FW20 collection, which was shot on all gender-neutral models (ID Vice, 2020)

The focus for the Gucci MX Campaign to start with, was the reintroduction and new design, of the Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag, which Jackie Kennedy popularized (W Magazine 2020). MX is also said to be updated each season with new products being available alongside the traditional sections on the site (W Magazine, 2020).

On the Gucci MX section on the site, it reads ‘Gucci’s collections set out to deconstruct preconceived binaries and question how these concepts relate to our bodies. Celebrating self-expression in the name of all gender equality, the House presents MX.’ They also suggest that the collections featured emphasized the dissolving lines of the current gender divide seen in society and MX underlines the performative nature of what we wear, presenting masculinity and femininity as relative concepts (Gucci).

When looking at the campaign shots, for the launch of Gucci MX, the models are gender neutral, and so are the clothes and accessories they wear, this is not new for Gucci. When thinking about how they have used the handbag in the campaign shots, it says a lot. Traditionally consumers think of handbags as predominantly a women’s item, but the way Gucci have redesigned their Jackie bag makes it accessible to anyone, they are challenging the norms, and its fresh and exciting to see and something which consumers react well to, as they are always wanting change, especially in such a fast-paced environment like fashion.

In 2020 a survey conducted by vice media found that as many as 41% of Gen Z consumers identify as gender neutral. (Vogue Business, 2020). With this being said it is important that the fashion industry is quick on the uptake of this relatively new concept like gender neutral and non-binary collections and campaigns highlighting the need for more gender-neutral clothing, especially within the luxury sector of fashion.  So, with Gucci redesigning a traditional item, they are reaching out to this target market, and are also helping to change the views and ideologies of older consumers. By having a non-gendered section on their website for this new collection, Gucci can reach out to a newer type of consumer who is not concerned by what their clothes are labelled as, according to marketing agency Wunderman Thompson, 56% of Gen z consumers already shop outside of their gender stereotype. (Vogue Business, 2020).

The Gucci MX Campaign also features ‘Frankenstein Magazine, who have celebrated Gucci MX with advertising campaign illustration images and a comic strip featuring characters exploring the idea of gender Fluidity’ (Gucci). This creative take on advertising is not seen as often as it should be, the images are bold and depict an important message to the consumer provoking a wider conversation about the ideologies of gender, and how there is need for change. They also signify the importance of the Gucci MX campaign and collections. The illustrations add a personal touch and create a somewhat interactive element for Gucci’s consumer, on the website it predominant throughout the Gucci MX section and is unique to them, it adds a storytelling element which the consumer will pick up, and mostly find interesting as it is not something that is seen very often. With Gucci creating this comic like campaign element, it is allowing them to open themselves us to different consumers.

With Gucci being one of the leading luxury fashion houses, it is nice for the consumer to see their take on gender neutral and non-binary collections and campaigns, they are paving the way for other fashion houses and inspiring everyday fashion companies to make the change and be more inclusive.

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