Day 2 – Adding the YSJ referencing style

You will come across lots of different referencing styles.  Essentially, they all contain the same core bits of information, but they are usually adapted to make sure they include things that are of additional concern to the target audience.  So, scientific research may use a style that differs from historical.  At YSJ, we have a referencing style that meets the needs of courses across the institution (the two exceptions are History and Psychology) and is based upon a standard that originated at Harvard University.

You can find guides to the YSJ referencing style in SMILE ( – web based) and on the ILS website ( – printable version).  We have also imported this to RefWorks, so that it will produce references in our style for our users.

As there are so many styles, you will need to tell RefWorks which is the one you need to use.

  • Log in to RefWorks at
  • Click on the ‘Bibliography’ menu
  • Click ‘Output Style Manager’
  • Remove all of the existing favourites
  • Search for York St John in the top left box
  • Click on ‘York St John Harvard’ when it appears in the main box on the left
  • Click on the right facing green arrow to transfer it to your favourites
  • Close down the Style Manager box

Accompanying video:

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