Taking Care of You Programme

Written by Rachel Martin (Subject Director CPD, School for Health Sciences).


I went to an event a couple of years ago about health and wellbeing.  The presenter confidently said “first and foremost you must take care of you”.  I paused and thought about this.  Was this not selfish and self-indulgent? She was absolutely right of course.  With a busy job and young family, the only way I can be productive and there for others, is to prioritise me.   


Here at YSJ we have developed a programme of health and wellbeing workshops that focus on taking care of you.  Please take a look at the programme to find out more information.


Organisations know the benefits of a healthy workforce.  Increased productivity, employee engagement, positive relationships…the list goes on.  The opposite is also true of course.  Tired and worn out employees disengage, lack motivation and become disconnected from others.


The evidence speaks for itself – the Health and Safety Executive reported over half a million cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17, the equivalent of 12.5 million working days lost.


Working with organisations we listen to people’s stories.  Here are just some of the themes regularly shared and might resonate with you?


“Work is so busy I’m finding it difficult to cope with the pressure”

“I feel guilty, even for taking a lunch break”

“There’s no time to plan ahead and think or share ideas”

“I feel selfish when I think about my own needs”


Talking about health and wellbeing can sometimes be difficult – we know the importance of listening and creating a safe and supportive learning environment. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss further theadvantage@yorksj.ac.uk


Here’s how other people have benefitted from our workshops:


“Makes you think about behaviours, perceptions, relationships and how to use this in work and home life” (Strengthening Personal Resilience)

“The facilitator’s passion for Mindfulness has inspired me to incorporate this into my professional life as well as within my home environment” (Introduction to Mindfulness)

“What a wonderful training day! Has given me exactly what I needed to look after myself and it came at just the right time!” (Compassion Fatigue: The Impact of Working with People in Distress)

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