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STAMP Your Resume:

Your CV (or resume) is the single most important thing in your employment tool belt. There is loads of advice out there on how to get your CV up to scratch and how to...


Rethink the Gap Year

The ‘Gap Year’ is filled with so many different connotations. There’s the one where you imagine yourself backpacking around the world, likening yourself to Bear Grills. Then there’s the one where you are constantly...


How EDIT Development can help you!

Who are EDIT Development? They are a company who are experts in leadership, talent management and building diversity cultures. They hold training sessions for business people all over the country; including ESPRESSO sessions which...


5 Ways to Network to get that Job!

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, is the old saying and in this job climate knowing the right people is always an advantage. But where do you start networking? Below are...


Where to Find a Job Online?

For students and graduates, the worry of having a job is always on our minds. Whether it’s a part time job to top up the student loan, or that big impressive job at the...

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