The Certificate in Career Thinking [Post written by 2020 YSJ Graduate]

What it is and why you should do it…

The Certificate in Career Thinking is an informative and supportive short course, created by the Careers team at York St John University, to help students become confident career decision makers. As a 2020 York St John Graduate, the short course has really helped me to assess my career options, where I want to take my career based on my own values, how to find opportunities and how to put myself in the best situation to secure a job and create a career.

Before completing this course, I was unsure of what direction I wanted to take my career in, but after completing the entire course I feel a lot more aware of what opportunities are available to me and how to approach creating a career development plan with aims and goals.

No matter what course you are on, or how sure you are within your career plans, this insightful short course will definitely benefit you and your career development. I highly recommend this short course if you want to enhance your employability and discover how to get to where you want to be within your career. 

It is free for all current York St John Students and can be accessed through the Employability Tutorial on Moodle. It takes around 1-2 hours to complete each module and it is completely flexible, so you can plan it into your day one module at a time!

The short course is broken down into 5 separate, information packed, modules:

  1. Career Options
  2. Self-Discovery
  3. Finding Opportunities
  4. Securing the Job
  5. Maximising your Networks

The content is both easy to understand and interesting; with a bank of activities from watching videos, to listening to podcasts, to creating documents for future use. For example, activities include updating your CV, conducting a personal skills audit, creating a personal development plan and much more! Upon completion, you will be left with a certificate and a bank of resources that you can always refer to!

The course doesn’t assess the work that you create – it is for your personal gain only! When doing the course, I recommend keeping a word document alongside the course to write down notes and document what activities you are doing. To achieve the certificate, which is a great addition to your LinkedIn page, you need to submit a document at the end of each module (this is not assessed, but for your own reference).

If you are unsure of what you want to do in your future career, want to discover all the opportunities available to you and start preparing, this is definitely the course for you! Even if you know what you want to do, this course allows you to assess all of your options and how to reach your aim!

If you want to complete this course, simply just log in to your Moodle account and then to the Employability Tutorial module

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