Startup skills made simple

The Digital Business Academy is a free online learning platform from Tech Nation, offering 85 bitesize courses created with leading educational institutions and industry experts to help you learn the skills needed to start, join or grow a digital business.


How does it work?

It’s quick and easy to start, and courses are designed to take as little as 15 minutes to complete.


Each course consists of short video lessons, giving you practical advice from experts and entrepreneurs who’ve been through it all, with interactive elements and quizzes to help you practice what you’ve learnt.


The courses are completely free of charge, so there’s no cost to you or your business for registering or completing courses. In fact, for each course you complete, you’ll earn points which can be spent on great rewards (such as mentoring sessions, desk space and funding opportunities). You will also earn certificates for every skill you finish.


What do the 85 courses cover?

The 85 courses cover the key topics all entrepreneurs and startups need to pick up and master, ranging from marketing, brand, communications and sales, to product, operations, people and finance.


Specific courses include:


  • ‘Have I got the right stuff to become an entrepreneur?’
  • ‘Calculating your marketing costs’
  • ‘How to get your first 100 customers’
  • ‘Raising your first investment funds’
  • ‘What to include in your pitch deck’
  • ‘How to manage relationships with investors’
  • ‘How to prepare for Series A’
  • ‘How to set up your board’
  • ‘How to create a company culture and use it to retain talent’

To get started today, visit the Digital Business Academy 

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