Out of Office: Technology Powering Remote Employees [Guest post by Email Marketing Expert, Aimee Laurence]

The dawn and development of the internet has opened new avenues for employers and employees to get work done faster, easier, and more effectively. This drastic change is particularly true for remote workers, who are leading the charge in the changing workforce.

Despite the swiftness of the change, data shows that the mass migration to remote work is not a passing trend that will fade out with time but rather an adaptation to increased stress at work, changing home dynamics, and developing technologies.

There are new technologies currently out and some being further developed to make remote workers even more efficient and comfortable with their “out of office” positions:

Virtual Reality (VR)

The future of virtual technology is certainly in the dark, but while the technology is still in its infancy, especially for consumers, it has immense potential in both the home and workplace.

The exciting and often unreal technology has promise as a way to connect remote workers to the office in ways never seen before. Sure, video conferences can bring workers “into the office” virtually, but VR has the potential to create an entirely new workplace right in the remote workers home office.

Imagine sitting at home, strapping on a VR headset and immediately being placed into a virtual office of their own, taking out distractions and allowing them to feel as if they are a part of office atmosphere without ever even leaving their home.

“The technology would make it more efficient to take and keep track of notes, dates, and schedules by pairing with google or other programs to automatically add dates to the calendar without ever having to take your eyes off of the speaker or subject” says Jose Hill, a Recruiter at Let’s Go And Learn and My Writing Way.

Augmented Reality (AR)

While similar to virtual reality, Augmented Reality is already here and most can find apps that utilise the technology on the phone. If you’ve played ‘Pokemon Go’, or ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’, you have seen this technology.

Essentially, it “augments” or overlays an image or animation on top of the phones camera. This allows information to be displayed without ever taking your eyes off of reality.

This technology could be immensely powerful in the workplace, but also in the remote workspace.

Of course, augmented reality could be used to educate new employees, train employees in new technologies or new business practices, all while allowing the user to follow and pay attention with their own eyes.

Wireless Technology (5G)

Yet another exciting and infant technology, 5G is slated to take the world of communication by storm, taking consumers out of the 4G speed range and transporting them into the future.

Reliable and fast speeds are critical for remote workers as they work mainly off of work-provided internet or their home wireless routers.

Having access to 5G speeds would create a more reliable and swift connection between the remote worker and their place of employment. This would further enhance and protect remote conferences, calls, and demonstrations.

Machine Learning

Speaking of smart devices and connected businesses and homes, a thing called machine learning is buzzing these days for that very reason.

This new technology is paving the way to a more connected world by changing the way people can interact with one another and with machines.

“This exciting technology will allow for computer systems and smart devices to learn how to complete simple tasks such as automatically adding meetings and scheduled events into calendars in the effort to make work easier, and more efficient” explains Rhonda Roberts, an HR manager at Writing Populist and AcademAdvisor.

The Future of Remote Work

So, with these exciting new technologies developing and being implemented into the workplace, what is the future of remote work?

It’s bright, as these technologies create a more effortless communication line between corporate offices and employees working from home. Companies are beginning to see an increased ease and benefit to having a team of remote workers, and not just on Fridays or while someone is telecommuting.

All of these technological changes are opening up a new era for remote workers, remote-first work.

This new development in remote work is providing further development and opportunities for those who either prefer to work from home or cannot move or travel to the company headquarters.

Why is this so important?

Well, remote-first work means that people can access better career opportunities and growth from where they live, without having to leave the comfort of their community. This shift could potentially create a happier atmosphere for employees and dramatically decrease bouts of depression, sickness, and stress by allowing employees the opportunity for employment without having to pack their bags and leave their normal lives behind.

Email marketing expert Aimee Laurence is also a featured writer at various educational publications like Simple Grad and Studydemic. Over the course of her career Aimee had devised countless marketing strategies, and she can also be found blogging about her experiences at Via Writing portal.

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