Film Studies

The Film Studies Programme at York St John University is made up of exciting and cutting edge content which represent the changing nature of the subject area and the links between film and other disciplines.

A number of key strands can be found in the programme which aims to enhance your experience and also give you transferable skills. These include:

  • The recent ‘de-Westernisation’ of Film Studies and the growing body of academic research and scholarship into Transnationalism in Cinema.
  • The exploration of regional and national cinema as a cultural expression which reflects history, ideology and popular culture.
  • The trans-media emergence of ‘Screen Studies’ as a discipline which incorporates the changes in media where film culture has blended with televisual forms and digital media such as video game and animation.
  • An incorporation of non-fiction film forms and Documentary Studies.
  • The developments of scholarly approaches to wider film culture, fandom, user generated contentand convergence culture.
  • Curricula which encourage students to get involved in optional field trips (partly subsidised by the programme) to, for instance, film festivals.
  • Modules which require students to engage in enterprise activities such as organising and promoting film themed events and film publications.
  • Engagement with the Yorkshire Film Archive which is curated by YSJU.

Your understanding of film will be broadened across different genres including gothic and horror, animation, documentary and science fiction. You will learn the skills needed to critically engage with cinema, including the study of different styles, periods and cultures. Analysing film alongside visual art, interactive media and literature is also a key feature on this course.