Media and Communications

Welcome to the Media & Communication pages. This is a degree programme where you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the history, nature and power of the media through learning about the relationships between different forms of media, culture and society. As well as critical analysis, you will creatively engage with media in a variety of ways, from writing for different platforms to exploring digital media. We encourage our Media and Communications students to write, produce and market our magazine and web-platform Neutral  which engages critically and creatively with media, culture and society, allowing you to work with industry professionals in producing and promoting media.

If you aspire to engage your community and the world through media, research and creative input then this is the Media and Communication degree for you. 

The Media & Communication programme is a progressive degree which is up to date with recent developments in the discipline. Key aspects of the programme are: 

• An exploration of the ‘de-colonialization’ of Media Studies which offers views of the media in a global context. 

• A commitment to exploring power relationships in contemporary media; the ways in which media are central to some of the burning social and ideological issues of our time (e.g. environmental sustainability, globalisation, perspectives of national identity). 

• A creative and analytical immersion with technologies, project management and communication skills, resulting in opportunities for you to raise your profile as an employable graduate in the media and creative industries. 

• A critical investigation into the profound impact digital culture is having upon the world, and in turn individual, social and (inter)national identities. 

A number of exciting initiatives you will experience include: 

1. The integration of our Neutral project as an e-publication driven by the talent and dedication of our students. Here is our latest edition: 

2. A vibrant schedule of excursions, field trips and events which allow you to explore media cultures on a local, national and international level (including an international excursion that is subsidised by the Programme and none of the other excursion are of any additional cost to students).  

3. A healthy roster of visiting speakers, industry experts and academics who will enrich the discourse of the programme and provide you with a practical insight into media in a commercial and creative context.  

4. Dedicated mentoring across levels from professional designers (including our own programme dedicated member of staff) and experts who will help you to develop your technical ability and creative capacities.  

We will help cultivate your skills to help enhance your future chances of employment both in modules, across the curriculum and by inclusion of the extra-curricula schedule.