Mahara integration with 2.3

Looks like Moodle 2.3 has a bit of a deeper integration with Mahara, which could be useful for students gathering evidence from things like discussion forums. Not sure how smooth it is at this stage, but I have read a couple of forum posts at which suggest that some things are a little flakey at times. In particular, porting discussion posts across to Mahara, then not being able to read them properly.

Also, Rob has fixed an error which was caused by the Mahara assignment plugin. It is a legacy plugin and worked with the old (< 2.2) assignment architecture. The way Rob fixed it was to include the sub module within the old assignment type in 2.3. This works for the time being, but it would be nice to have an upgrade and not have to rely on fixes for legacy plugins. I’ve posted in the Mahara forum to ask if anyone is developing a 2.3 assignment type, so we’ll see what happens:

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