My YSJ and Assignment Information from Moodle

A few students have highlighted problems with how assignment information is presented in their My YSJ portal. Students’ problems and feedback with the way information is presented, can be summarised as follows – this screencast elaborates a little.

  1. Assignments which are hidden in Moodle, are still shown
  2. Assignments which have rolled over with incorrect date criteria are shown
  3. Formative assignments are shown
  4. ‘Offline assignments’, such as those which are handwritten are show

I think that with points 3-4 there is a lot we can do in terms of processes which will prevent this in future. For example for point 2, in the rollover script, not copying assignment information to a new year.

A screen capture from a student's MyYSJ portal page

A screen capture from a student’s MyYSJ portal page

For points 3 and 4, perhaps we can encourage tutors to use the offline assignment type and then make this not visible to students in their My YSJ. Alternatively and perhaps preferably, build in an option to the Moodle assignment interface which says something like “Show this assignment to students in their MyYSJ portal?”

The code in the MyYSJ page will need to be amended to cater for the new feature, which is where we may come up against problems, as it is developed by a company in Salford and would likely have associated costs.

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