Comment is free…

“Comment is free, but facts are sacred”
(CP Scott)

Inspired by an interesting discussion on the ALT mailing list recently, I thought I’d create a short post about using the Comment block in Moodle…

A Comment block can be added to any page in Moodle, enabling users to easily add comments to specific activities. A similar interface enables comments to be added to activities such as Assignment, Quiz, Glossary, or Database etc.

With editing turned on, simply navigate to your chosen activity, click ‘add a block‘, and select Comments:

Using this approach means that simple discussion can take place in and around specific activities, rather than be confined to a Forum, so as not to detract too much from the focus of the activity itself.



Phil Vincent

Phil’s focus is to work across Faculties to support the implementation of the Academic Strategy, and in particular contribute to the effective development and implementation of technology enhanced learning.

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