Time for End of Programme Level Evaluations!

Feedback WelcomeEnd of Programme Level Evaluation was a process agreed through ESEC last year to replace individual module evaluation. The survey is used for all students at the end of each academic year and is delivered to students through Moodle using the Feedback activity. The Feedback activity allows you to create and conduct surveys to collect feedback. A template of the evalution questions has been created and pre-loaded into Moodle to ensure the process of setting up End of Programme Level Evaluation is simple and straightforward. You simply create a Feedback activity in Moodle, select the evaluation template and make any adaptations required for your specific programme.

We have a screencast showing you how to create an End of Programme Level Evaluation survey:

We also have a step by step PDF guide:

[gview file=”http://blog.yorksj.ac.uk/moodle/files/2015/04/End-of-Programme-Level-Evaluation-Guidance.pdf”]

Guidelines on how to adapt the template

Although the End of Programme Level Evaluation is based on a template, you can still adapt it for your specific programme. However, certain questions are core question and cannot be edited.

  • Introduction from Head of Programme: Please feel free to adapt this to suit your particular subject context and needs. The words in the current template are just an example. Please note that you will need to change the programme title if you decide to use the words currently in the template.
  • Question 1: this is a core question and cannot be altered.
  • Question 2: please choose which modules you wish your students to comment on. It may be that you choose 2 from semester one and 2 from semester two, rather than asking for comment about every module. Please consider joint honours students on your programme and ensure that they are able to contribute by choosing at least one core module. Another option might be to identify 3 modules and then allow the student to choose a 4th option that they would like in particular to comment on. It may be that in future years you choose to evaluate different modules. Please note that you will need to change the module codes/titles in Question 2.
  • Question 3: this is a core question and cannot be altered.
  • Question 4: this is your opportunity to seek feedback about specific issues within your programme.
  • The End of Programme Level Evaluation must be added to *one* of the programmes second semester modules or a module that is delivered throughout the entire academic year (Semester 1 through to the end of Semester 2).

If you require any further assistance creating the End of Programme Level Evaluation, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team, or pop to see us in the the attic of Holgate, HG228


Roisin Cassidy

Working to the Directorate’s annual objectives and the TEL Quality Framework, Róisín’s role as a TEL Advisor is to proactively support and develop staff in using technology to enhance the student learning experience. Her main focus will be to advise academic staff on effective use of learning technologies to develop innovative learning resources, processes and practices. She will also provide staff advice and development on the core TEL systems and technologies, with particular responsibility for Mahara and Turnitin. Róisín is also interested in how ‘Open Badges’ could be employed to facilitate motivation and reward in student learning and staff development at York St John. Roisin is the primary contact for colleagues in the Faculty of Arts & the Business School.

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