COTEC-ENOTHE Conference: Obesity, Bariatric Care & Community Engagement Within the Curriculum

The first joint congress for Council of Occupational Therapists for European Countries (COTEC) and European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE) was held at the National University of Ireland in Galway, from 15th -19th June 2016. 

Senior lecturer in OT at YSJ, Fiona Howlett, tells us what experience she gained from attending and presenting at the conference…


I attended the conference to present the following:


Fiona Howlett, Hannah Spring, Lauren Benge, Carol Carney, Joanna Molony, Gavin Moses, Sophie Cockell, Abbey Elston, Alice Fortune, Sarah Graham, Becky Jones, Bethany Orr, Emma Tarpey, Alice Taylor (2016) Obesity and bariatric care: embedded research into the undergraduate occupational therapy curriculum

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Abstract link


Fiona Howlett and Caroline Wolverson, (2016) Community engagement within the curriculum

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Abstract link

What did you hope to gain from attending the conference?

  • Opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from Universities across Europe.
  • Opportunities to showcase work from our students as co-researchers (SCoRe) projects.
  • Inspirational ideas and research to incorporate into the curriculum.


Main points of reflection?

  • Inspiring, motivating and a wonderful opportunity to work with Occupational Therapists throughout Europe.

Do you have a highlight from the conference?

I attended an informative session by Patric Duletzki and Hannah Pagel on their work on how Occupational Therapists in Germany can contribute to working with people who are refugees. This is a developing area of practice for occupational therapists in this country and indeed is an area of research for our next SCoRe Project.

Link to the paper

Link to the abstract

Conference Agenda

Find further highlights of the conference here:

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