Resources from Stanford Business School Center for Social Innovation

By | July 15, 2013

Thanks to Jelena Erstic, member of the Erasmus Mundus social economy project team for drawing my attention to these resources.

Stanford Graduate School of Business Centre for Social Innovation has a series of podcasts including:

  • Social Entrepreneurship: “Social entrepreneurship involves the marriage of good business principles with the desire to solve social problems, improve the environment, and empower communities. It’s all about creating double- and triple-bottom line companies that do well while doing good”.
  • Nonprofit management: “Good nonprofit management requires the skills of a business person, the heart of a philanthropist, and, at times, the sensibilities of spiritual leader”. 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: “In these Social Innovation Conversations educational podcasts, learn what businesses are doing to improve our world by investing in local communities, improving labor practices, greening supply chains, and generally giving back. Get inspired about how you can turn your company into a force for corporate social responsibility in big and small ways”.
  • Economic Development: “How do we eradicate poverty, empower people economically, improve healthcare, provide educational opportunities, and sustain local communities around the world?”
  • Plus: environment, healthcare, leadership, education and more ..

The resources are freely available, audio podcasts. Link:

Do you have examples of higher education providing courses and resources about social enterprise, leadership and management within the social economy and other issues around business for social and community needs? Please send them: either leave a reply below on the blog or email from the webpage:


Margaret Meredith