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Erasmus Mundus Social and Solidarity Economy Conference: Personal experience and insights

Following the recent conference about social enterprise and cross-sector collaboration at York St John University, UK, here are some reflections from participant Sorina Antonescu. This will be the first of several posts which report on and draw out themes of the conference. The conference video can be seen here. Information about the presentations, round tables, the social… Read More »

Institute of Cultural Affairs, Spain, supports social entrepreneurs with crowdfunding campaign

OUR FIRST CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN TO CREATE A NETWORK OF SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS Within the framework of York St John-led Erasmus Mundus project about the social and solidarity economy, the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Spain, has started on a crowdfunding campaign through the Spanish solidarity platform ‘GOTEO’ The campaign is aiming to create and unite a… Read More »

More than a 3 day conference

The Erasmus Mundus Social Economy in Higher Education project is celebrating an international conference in York St John University, UK, from 1st – 3rd Sept, 2015. It is also a celebration of 1000 days of collaborative work about the social economy by universities in the UK, Bolivia, Peru, Portugal and Spain. Called Universities developing social… Read More »

More than a 3 day conference …..

  See the conference website Submit an abstract for a presentation or poster by 20th April, 2015 The conference will give an opportunity to share practice and experiences of universities in teaching and researching social entrepreneurship and business for social purposes. Meet and interact with delegates from 4 continents. Participants so far confirmed from the… Read More »

Leading thinkers and practitioners in social entrepreneurship add diverse voices to conference

Leading thinkers and practitioners from universities in the field of co-operativism, business through the lense of human rights, enterprise incubators in the solidarity economy and innovation in the public sector will be presenting key notes at the international conference called ‘Universities developing social entrepreneurship through cross-sector collaboration’ 1-3 Sept, 2015 in York, UK.  The conference… Read More »

Call for papers on universities fostering social entrepreneurship through cross-sector collaboration

Conference 1-3 Sept 2015, York St John University, York, UK. See conference website As part of the York St John University-led Erasmus Mundus social economy project, the conference aims to address the following question: ‘How can higher education foster interactions between the current economic systems (public, private and social) to promote social entrepreneurship cultures for sustainable development in… Read More »

International Seminar on Solidarity Economy in Helsinki, Finland

From collaborator in the social economy in higher education project, Laura Kumpuniemi Live stream You can follow the seminar Reclaiming sustainability – alternative development through solidarity economy on the 17th of November through a live stream. The videos are also available after the seminar through these links. Part 1 at 13.00 – 15.00 (GMT +2):… Read More »

Universities Developing Social Entrepreneurship through Cross-Sector Collaboration

International conference at York St John University, UK. 1st – 3rd Sept 2015. Mark the dates! More information on this blog in the coming days Conference Theme:    As part of the York St John-led Erasmus Mundus social economy project, the conference aims to address the following question: ‘How can higher education foster interactions between the… Read More »

Higher Education as if the World Mattered

A very eye-catching title for this year’s Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) conference, to be held in Edinburgh 25th – 26th April 2013. From the conference website: “Now the words ‘as if’ assume significance as they imply that there are some real questions to be asked about the extent to which the world… Read More »