More support for social innovation: Kenya

By | July 28, 2013

 African Social Entrepreneurs Network (ASEN)

Innovation to Impact Acceleration Programme  In partnership with Growth Africa and Village Capital, The Growth Hub is looking for Kenya’s top innovators who are using their ideas to create growth and address societal and environmental challenges.

12-15 start-ups will participate in the programme, which relies heavily on peer-to-peer support as well as mentor interaction during the process of launching the product/service into the market.

Innovators working in the following areas take priority

  • Affordable basic services for the poor (Base of the Pyramid)
  • Agriculture, and agriculture technology (with a high level of positive social or environmental impact)
  • Education
  • Energy/environmental sustainability (e.g. green technology, clean technology, sustainable materials, renewable energy, waste management)
  • Financial services for low income populations
  • Healthcare
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Urban Challenges
  • Mobile/ICT tackling all the above

Deadline 19th August.

We would like to follow these enterprises as case studies in the Erasmus Mundus social economy project. Please contact us with any information: or post a reply below. Become a friend of the Erasmus Mundus social economy project. Over 400 people already have!