Stop press: Daisy’s pregnant again

By | December 16, 2015

An update on Sujali, the Nairobi women’s group of entrepreneurs involved in micro-finance. The group met at a local hotel and the photo captures seven of the group with some of their family members. Click here for previous posts on the Sujali Self-Help Group

By Mike Calvert and Mary Kiguru

Those following the story of Sujali will recall that Daisy, Jacinta’s cow had a calf, Buttercup, earlier this year. The good news is that she is now expecting again in April. Buttercup is doing well and she herself will be able to produce in a few years’ time. Jacinta is borrowing more money to build accommodation for the young one. She was offered KES60,000 for Buttercup but wants to hold on to her investment. The fund, including their savings, is now approaching half a million Kenyan Shillings (KES350,000 capital + 50,000 interest + 77, 000 of their own savings).

Alice continues to expand her egg producing business. She currently has 2,800 chickens at different age intervals so as to ensure continuity of laying. She has borrowed KES105, 000 at the moment to purchase another flock and balance her cash flow. Next year, she is looking to buy a half acre plot for KES1million which is the equivalent of £7,000 and has ambitious plans to put up more sturdy buildings and increase her flock to 5,000. She has a Toyota van which she uses to deliver the eggs and continues to market them on WhatsApp as well as sell to her regular customers. This is a far cry from the 500 chickens she started with and the KES22,000 loan that got her started.

The other women are reporting modest gains and a new loan will enable Rosemary to change direction completely from selling scrap metal to opening a boutique. She also hopes to train as a hairdresser so as to have two earning opportunities.

In short, the Sujali women are looking forward to 2016 with a degree of confidence. Watch this space.

[£1 = KES140]