SR286RB – Millennials and Luxury Brand Purchases

Understanding luxury brand purchases by Millennials through application of Generational Cohort Theory

Project Lead: Rebecca Biggins

Students as Researchers: Charlotte Rhodes & Emma Johnson

Studies have shown millennials are one of the key forces shaping the luxury market place. Millennials will view luxury brands as a right, and not a privilege, which increases the purchasing of luxury brands from that generation. Rebecca Biggins and Chen Ren are interested in what motivates people in purchasing luxury fashion by applying generational cohort theory. The hopes of the study are to provide insight for marketers on how to engage with millennials through their luxury brand strategy.

Charlotte Rhodes and Emma Johnson will be following Biggins and Ren through the research project, familiarising themselves with the literature, attend focus groups, have meetings with the project leads to help identify key themes addressed in the focus groups.