SR297RHS – Music Technology Education Progression and Provision (MTEP)

Music Technology Education Progression & Provision (MTEP)

Project Lead: Russ Hepworth-Sawyer

Student as Researcher: Dawid Ziemba

MTEP is a project between York St John Music Production Team and Robert Smythe Academy in Leicestershire. MTEP is a project to investigate the progression routes, mismatches and expectation offered in music technology and production education from Key Stage 3 through to Undergraduate entry, including industrial expectations. Dawid Ziemba will be providing research of current undergraduate course provisions in the UK in music technology and music production subjects, designing questionnaires for undergrad educators and help in designing an interview aimed at research into strategic directions.

This project aims to be used at conferences such at the talking about teaching (2018) and music technology education (2019) and produce a paper for the journal of education.