SR301DM – Perfectionism, Injury and Doping

Perfectionism, Injury and Doping: Are perfectionistic athletes more or less likely to dope when injured?

Project Lead: Daniel Madigan

Student as Researcher: Daniel Lemon

Daniel Madigan will be building upon his previous research while working with colleagues from the University of Hong Kong; investigating the relationship between perfectionism, injury and athletes likelihood to dope (use of banned performance enhancing substances). It is unclear at the moment if athletes who are injured and also perfectionists may be susceptible to dope. On one hand they may be less likely due to engaging in behaviour such as checking ingredients in supplements. On the other hand, they may be more likely to be hyper-competitive and do anything it takes to recover from an injury. This project will use self-reports measures to determine which is the case.

Daniel Lemon will be helping Daniel Madigan by designing and collecting questionnaires from universities and local sport teams, in addition to helping in the preliminary analysis and write-up. The hopes is for this to be written up for publication and hopefully presented at international conferences (FEPSAC).