SR303NW – Craft, the New Trent

Craft, the new trend – consumer motives to purchase craft products

Project Lead: Nadine Waehning

Student as Researcher: Megan Urwin & Melanie McLaughlan

The craft product market is growing into a highly competitive market which small, medium, large and multinational organisations are all trying to claim for themselves. To support local industry and small businesses in the area, it is crucial for the small businesses who have limited resources, to get a clearer understanding of consumer’s motives to purchase their products. The focus of this project is on the craft beer industry. An initial literature review was conducted and identified a limited amount of research into customer motives to purchase beer.  This study will be basing the survey development one the secondary literature review and qualitative data which was presented at the Beeronomics conference in Copenhagen 2017.

Megan Urwin and Melanie McLaughlan will be involved in updating and reviewing the literature review, developing a survey, and a pilot test alongside data collection for an initial data analysis to then be added into a report in the hopes to identify and evaluate a complete list of motives driving consumers to purchase craft products in the case of craft beer. This research will hopefully be presented at conferences and to talk at CAMRA at one of their regional event about the initial findings.