Accessible Linguistics for Visually Impaired Students (ALVIS)

Project Leads: Magdalena Sztencel, Kate Whisker-Taylor & Nikki Swift

Student as Researchers: Alice Pennington & Anthony Farnaro

Continuing on from last year’s Student as Researchers project ‘Grammar and phonetics teaching and learning materials for visually impaired students’ where two students developed and evaluated teaching and learning materials to support the visually impaired students in linguistics, and helped organise the conference ‘Accessible Linguistics for Visually Impaired Students (ALVIS)’. This project will continue on from that by preparing an edited collection of papers from the ALVIS conference, assistance in setting up the ALVIS website and setting up a forum for visually impaired students interested in studying languages and linguistics.

Alice Pennington and Anthony Farnaro will be providing assistance towards this project and help prepare an edited collection of papers and setting up the ALVIS website, in addition to the forum mentioned previously. The aims for this project are to have a website for ALVIS to share expertise and networking with the view to apply for funding to set up international research network.